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Ready for the


and most transparent

car auction experience?

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Ready for the fairest and most transparent car auction experience?

The only almost GUARANTEED
way to sell your car higher
than what the market offers.

The only almost GUARANTEED way to sell your car higher than what the market offers.

Introducing Singapore's First-ever Live Car Auction, where we first buy your car at market rate, and you get to attend and watch your cars get bid by our car dealer partners in a physical auction session.

When the final auction bid is higher, the difference amount will be given to you!

In 4 steps, our auction will sell your car with a GUARANTEE!

Get your vehicle's estimated valuation

Get your Vehicle's Estimated Valuation

Once you have submitted your vehicle information to us, we will revert within 24 hours with an estimated valuation.

Book an Inspection & Receive Payment upon Confirmation

Drive down to our workshop and get your car inspected. We will make an offer to you and pay for your vehicle first if you agree to the amount, before sending it to our live auction.

Attend our
live auction

Attend our
Live Auction

On the day of the live auction, our network of car dealers will bid for your vehicle, with the initial offer price as the starting bid. When the auction bid is higher than the guaranteed market price, you will be given the difference amount.

Receive the
extra payment *

Receive the
Extra Payment *

* When your car is bid for more than the initial sold amount, we will payout the difference amount on the next day.

In the event that the bid is lower than the initial offer price, you will keep the full amount.

Here's why you can get more from selling your car through our auction bidding platform!

Traditional Car
Sales Process

Car dealers will quote a higher valuation at the beginning. This valuation may decrease, with no upfront transparency.

Auction Process

We will offer a guaranteed market price before the auction.

This market price will not change.

This means your car will definitely be sold at the agreed market price or higher on our auction platform.

Example Scenario

Mr Tan has agreed to sell his car to us at $100,000 and join the live auction for a potentially higher selling price. This is what will happen next.

Selling on

Dickson Live Auction vs Other Platforms



Trade in valuation is usually lower than selling privately.

Need to buy a car for trade-in eligibility.

Car Dealer


Car sale value is usually lower than selling privately to a direct buyer.

Need time to contact several dealers for quotes first, before arranging for car viewing.

Upon viewing, sellers may face disappointment when dealers drop prices using the condition of the car as an excuse.

Dickson Auction


Guaranteed market price or higher during auction bidding.

Hassle-free process!

Sellers may sell at agreed market price on the same day or choose to auction the car for a potential higher bidding price with the market price as a guarantee. 

Once the car is sold to a buyer with the highest offer, the seller receives payment within the same day. 

Dickson also offers convenience of an advance payment for Seller’s New Car deposit and help to pay off any existing loan.



Car dealer/broker will sell the car at your preferred price.

Uncertainty on the timeline for the sale and payment. 

Cars may be left at the showroom for viewing by potential buyers or be required to send the car for a potential buyer viewing, as and when there are enquiries.

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Interested to sell your car for more than what the market offer?

Speak to us now!

Frequently Asked Questions


Below is the process to sell your car through Dickson Group:

Step 1: Submit your car information and contact us via the online form (embedded link).

Step 2: We will provide you the recommended market price of your car within 24 hours. If you accept this market price quoted, Dickson will offer to purchase this car from you after you drive your car to us for viewing. This market price will also be the minimum selling price when your car is placed on Dickson’s live electronic auction platform to try for a higher selling price.

Step 3: Upon your acceptance to sell your car to Dickson at the quoted market price, we will pay you a deposit first. Based on the agreed delivery date, you can drive the car to us, for a 38-point vehicle check, and get your car washed, cleaned and sanitised. This is to better enhance the resale value for your car during auction. We will pay you the balance of the agreed market price and help you settle any outstanding loan, upon successful transfer of the car ownership to Dickson.

Step 4: Your car will be displayed for potential bidders (over 100 potential Car Dealers) to view, and go through Singapore’s first electronic live vehicle auction platform for bidding. 

Step 5: Upon successful bid, you will receive the difference between the higher bid price and market price in payment from Dickson.

Our Auction is great for individual car owners who like to sell their vehicle at the highest possible price in the market.

These are the benefits you will enjoy when you sell your car through Dickson Group:

  • We offer the first electronic live vehicle auction in Singapore. Each car auction will commence and complete in 60 seconds, promoting fairness and transparency.
  • We are the first in the industry to purchase your car at a recommended market price quoted by Dickson and also provide an opportunity to get a potentially higher selling price via the Auction if the bid price exceeds the market price.
  • We enhance your car’s resale price through Dickson Auto Care Centre (In-house Workshop) with a comprehensive 38-point vehicle inspection, washing, cleaning and sanitising before displaying the car to potential bidders.
  • We offer convenient one-stop financing solutions for both buyers and sellers.

Market price is the selling price recommended by Dickson based on current market transactions, to set as a minimum selling price when your vehicle is put up for auction. In the live auction, the bid price is generally higher than the market price, for popular car makes and models that are of acceptable car condition.

Our valuation is based on our 30+ years’ experience in used car trading market, with consideration of the following factors such as the registration date of the vehicle, mileage used, and car conditions (i.e. history of accident), including references from other relevant vehicle trading sources.

Dickson Group will offer to buy your car at market price. If you accept this market price, you will receive payment in 3 parts:

  1. A deposit when you accept Dickson’s offer and sign the sale and purchase agreement
  2. A balance payment of the market price less deposit when you hand over the car with the car ownership transferred to Dickson
  3. A potential additional payment of the difference, if the successful bid price during the auction is higher than the market price paid

Yes, you definitely can use this Auction Platform. If you intend to book a new car, Dickson will offer to purchase your existing car at market price based on the estimated new car delivery date and the hand over date for your existing car.

In addition, Dickson can also help you with your booking fees and balance payment for your new car registration up to the agreed market price of your existing car.

You can hand over your car to Dickson after the delivery of your new car on the same day. In short, you will enjoy the convenience of one-to one-exchange of your existing car to the new car.

This car will subsequently be placed on Dickson’s Live Auction to try for a higher selling price. This means that, you have sold your car to Dickson at market price and still enjoy a potential payment of the difference if the successful bid price during the auction is higher than the market price quoted.

Dickson Group will conduct the bidding process of your car for a fee of $68 (before GST). This fee is inclusive of the 38-point vehicle inspection, washing, sanitising and cleaning of your vehicle to enhance the resale value, before displaying your vehicle to potential bidders (car dealers) for live viewing.

Dickson Group’s in-house workshop (Dickson Auto Care Centre), with its proven inspection expertise, will ensure your car is inspected and reported fairly. This is to prevent the buyer from raising a dispute on the car condition later and requesting a further discount to the bid price.

Dickson Group will handle all the paperwork, including your loan settlement and vehicle ownership transfer.

Yes, we have a viewing room for sellers who are keen to view the bidding of their own car.

Individual Car Owner

Dickson Auction platform is only open for B2B (Business to Business).

Individual sellers who likes to sell through the Dickson Auction platform, can consign the vehicle through our subsidiary company Dickson Auto Solution (DAS) or any Dickson’s network of appointed Dealer. DAS will charge a nominal and  reasonable amount for managing  this consignment.

Yes, sellers may attend our live auction platform to watch the live bidding.

When selling your car to Dickson Group, we guarantee it will be sold at Guaranteed Market Price or higher. Therefore, we recommended removing your personal items from your car, for the ease of vehicle handover after the auction.

  1. The owner must personally sign the agreement to accept the Guaranteed Market Price.
  2. Once the agreement is signed, the owner may authorize someone to send the vehicle to Dickson Group.

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Salotto Centre

“Salotto”, meaning reception room in Italian, is the newest addition to our building. Opened in March 2022, this space was created to provide a comfortable area for customers to relax in. With air-conditioning, complimentary drinks and wi-fi provided, customers can sit back and enjoy themselves while waiting for their vehicles to be serviced.


Located on the 2nd floor of our building, our PHV Resting Area is a cozy spot with complimentary drinks and wi-fi for PHV drivers to rest and relax in. For drivers who are feeling a little peckish after driving around for hours, our resting area has a separate pantry area for drivers to have their lunch or tea time. Vending machines are also available at the resting area!


Take the lift up to the fourth floor and you will find our corporate office. Waiting for an appointment? Take a seat at our comfortable reception area where complimentary Wi-Fi is provided as well!


Not sure where to go or what to do while your car is being serviced? Have a little break at our cosy and air-conditioned waiting area! Complimentary beverages and Wi-Fi are also available, so you can surf the web while waiting.

Curious as to how your car is being serviced? Take a peek into our workshop through our large viewing windows and witness all the action that goes on behind-the-scenes.


Our new showroom is brightly lit, and can house up to 10 cars. Book an appointment with us or just walk right in to view our wide range of vehicles. At Dickson Group, we pride ourselves on being transparent and providing quality services to our customers.

All our cars go through rigorous 38-point checks and are professionally groomed and sanitized before being displayed. Let us help you find your dream car today!


Welcome to our new, fully owned, 4-storey Dickson Auto Centre, housing a dedicated showroom, offices and service centre. This achievement is a testimony to our company’s continued growth and commitment to our business partners and customers.

Regardless if you are interested in buying or leasing a car, or just inquiring about our services, our friendly concierge staff will guide you to wherever you need!